Red Dead Redemption Sequel Takes Place on Mars

Rockstar Games have been teasing something that seems to be Red Dead Redemption related. Seriously Informed has a source that speculates the beans on the latest open world western from the creators of GTA. Gather round the campfire folks, it’s story time!

The latest “Red Dead” title is tentatively titled “Red Dead Space: Mars” and is being created in tandem with EA games as a crossover with their long running Dead Space Series.

The latest title puts you in control of Issac Assikickermov (star of Dead Spaces 1-5 and decedent of John Red (the star of Red Dead Runner, Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead to Rights). The plot picks up right after the end of Dead Space 5, Issac is finally done killing ghosts and decides to retire to Mars to live like his great grandfather John Red in a frontier town.


Unfortunately when he arrives on Mars something has gone terribly wrong. Evil environmentalists drilling for oil have accidentally fracked into a vein of “martian ghosts” unleashing the plot of the Doom games on the entire town of Mars City and probably 3 other less detailed open world locations that 70% of gamers will never play long enough to see.


Speculatively confirmed on the list of places to see in the game are DLCity, The Unoptimized Zone, Jump Scare Alley, Barelylit, Hookersplash Themepark and Casino, Unfinished Martian Ruins, C-hanger, and Twistwend Town. The game takes all of it’s scares and exciting dismemberment tools from the Dead Space franchise while using the best of Red Dead’s open world excitement and cowboy hats. Players will be able to catch and tame wild Mars rovers to ride around on, each with variable stats.

We expect to see preorders open soon with a limited edition day 1 special edition likely to include a unique western style space suit, 1000MB(Martian Bucks, an ingame currency) and a gold plated Klobb available for an estimate $120.

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