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Need replacement covers for your used video games? Did the dog eat your box art?  Need something to make your game box stand out from the crowd? Seriously Informed has got you covered.  Today’s game cover replacement is for the Ps2 Classic: Champions of Norrath.

Champions of Norrath-3d render.jpg

“Champions of Norrath” is a Ps2 classic hack and slash dungeon crawler immersed in the lore of the Everquest games.  “Champions” is in the same vein as the later to be released “X-men Legends” and “Marvel Ultimate Alliance” games, however “Champions” by and far bests those games in almost every way.  Supporting up to four players via multitap or online (at the time of release) with the Ps2 network adapter, screen real estate is never an issue as this game wrangles players into the same play space rather than rely on split-screen.  The story is linear but offers varied (and randomly generated) environments and tons of fantastic beasts to slay. Players can pick from five playable species and then five classes, each with their own skill trees, this plus a metric ton of loot keeps replays entertaining for a long time, especially with a coop partner or three.  The downside of all this loot comes into play when you have more than two players as no more than two players can access their inventory screens at a time which leads to some slowdown when everyone needs to drop junk, level up or change equipment.  It’s best to agree on limited inventory management as a group to get in the maximum hack and slash time together.

There’s a number of things that make “Champions” a classic to seek out, from it’s strong local coop, to the clean graphical style.  If you want to go power-mad there are several easy and entertaining ways to cheat and give a character extra ability points or duplicate powerful or valuable weapons. Champions also pulls of satisfying combat that connects to the player in a way so many diablo-likes fail to pull off with mouse and keyboard controls. It just feels goood.

champions of norath_ps2_SeriouslyInformed
Champions Of Norrath Replacement Cover

To make your own replacement cover for the game save the above full size image and print it out in landscape mode, trim and insert into a dvd case.  If you want to print a version without any watermarks become a patron here: .

To be informed of future game covers follow @newsreparter.

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