Who is Georgio Toucas?

With the release of 2 new Star Wars movies and a third on the way people are more curious than ever; Who is Georgio Toucas?banner

When Disney bargained with George Lucas behind closed doors for the rights to the Star Wars universe many were left wondering both how much Disney paid and how could they possibly measure up to the masterful prequels Lucas just wouldn’t stop putting out. The answers were never to be discovered, and fans were soon to suspect some terrible secret had been hidden away, like in that one Star Wars movie where Han Solo melts a bunch of Nazi’s by opening that space chest on Tatooine.  The first clue that something was amiss came about when “Star Wars: A Force Awakens” released in 2015, the movie seemed very much like the older Star Wars films Lucas had directed, even the new characters John Boyega and Rei Forcebeam seemed to be thinly veiled mishmashes of fan favorites Luke, Leia, and Han.  The plot was basically stuff that happens in the other Star Wars movies but this time all in one movie. But the most suspicious element was the mysteriously credited Shadow Writer: “Georgio Toucas”.

A Force Awakens Credits
“Star Wars: A Force Awakens” End Credits.

With all of these clues piling up some Fans guessed that Georgio Toucas was a clever pen name for George Lucas and that his contract with Disney left him with some creative control over the universe he had helped build.  Mr Lucas has neither confirmed nor denied that he is Georgio Toucas and so fans began to speculate further. Here are the top 3 theories:

1.   Georgio Toucas is a cleverly named pet Toucan that has an amazing knack for developing “Lucusian” Star Wars stories by picking from a chart filled with Star Wars terms.


This theory holds some weight as Disney previously hired Coco The Gorilla to write and direct numerous feature films including “Cars: Again” and “Tron 2: Trong Way Home” and Disney has been breeding super intelligent toucans for literally years.


2.   Georgio Toucas is a joke name that George Lucas demanded be credited on all future Star Wars works.

Since we don’t know the specifics of Mr. Lucas’s Deal with the Disney we can’t prove or disprove this one, however George has previously stated that he was done with Star Wars, despite all potential evidence to the contrary.  People who may have met Mr. Lucas have stated that “Georgio Toucas” is a facetious pet name Mr. Lucas uses to refer to his backside.  Could it be that “Georgio Toucas” is just an inside joke?


3.   Georgio Toucas is George Lucas’s younger Disney controlled clone.

georgio toucas-clone

While this one sounds far fetched… there is some reason to believe it could be true.  George Lucas rose to fame with the Star Wars films but his success spread from there and as his films became more ambitious he had to create new technologies to bring his ambitions to life.  Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light and Magic, Faster than Light Travel, Kamino Cloning, all of these enterprises were created as a by product of George’s desire to push his film making further.  George Lucas signing away Star Wars is a bit like signing away a part of himself, and maybe he did. Did Mr. Lucas find a way to have his cake and eat it too by providing Disney with a docile clonetrooper built from his own essence?  Georgio Toucas could be an exact genetic replica of Mr. Lucas, allowing his work to continue being made potentially indefinitely while freeing up the original “Jango” Lucas to pursue his own varied interests.

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