Star Fox 2 to be Released, 9th Seal Broken


There’s a new mini console coming, the SNES classic, to be released later this year. Although this is enough to excite Nintendo diehards, there’s a more interesting release precipitated by the launch of the SNES classic: The first ever official unveiling of Star Fox 2, the mysteriously shutters sequel to the smash hit Star Fox.  Why has Nintendo chosen to finally unleash Star Fox 2, and why were they keeping it locked away all these years?

A little backstory first.. earlier this year or possibly last year Nintendo surprised everyone with the sudden release of the “NES classic”, (or possibly the “NES mini”).  The small console was modeled after the original Nintendo Entertainment System and housed something like 30 emulated games you might have been able to play without ever having to blow into a cartridge.  “Might have” is key here because Nintendo produced approximately 9 of these retro consoles which were promptly nabbed by lucky scalpers who went on to become millionaires in short order.  Presumably the “NES Unobtainable” was built from quality parts, worked rather well and made a pretty good gift.  After initial stock of the console had run out Nintendo made the eccentric decision never again to make or sell any more “NES 1-Percents”.  UNTIL NOW… Sort of. Today the successor to the “NES Wedonthavethatinstock” was announced, the “SNES classic”.  The new console will be released later this year, and with it the world will see the never before released Star Fox 2.


“Today the successor to the ‘NES Wedonthavethatinstock’ was announced, the ‘SNES classic’ “

Star Fox 1 was a Super Nintendo classic that brought impossibly detailed 3d graphics to a system that was in no way capable of producing any where near that level of detail.  Utilizing a special “Soulchip” called the “SuperFX” which was produced using the rare mineral “Zaimoduzu”  the Star Fox cartridge itself gave the Super Nintendo the mystical power necessary to render true 3rd dimensional graphics.  Nintendo surprised players when the game also spoke utilizing actual voices instead of just beeps accompanied by text.  Star Fox would whisper with a voice that could be described as a mechanical hum or at times the rustling of a thousand dried leaves. The addition of spoken voice meant the dialog in the game remains famous today with memorable quotes such as, “Do a barrel roll!”, and “Feed me a stray cat!” In the below interview excerpt from Nintendo Powered you can see what an impact the voiced lines had on the audience at the time.


While the SNES Classic is certain to be a challenge to get a hold of we do wonder what surprises Star Fox 2 holds.  Will the second coming of the Fox bring Nintendo more power or was this ancient game better left trapped in the past?

Actual screencap of Star Fox 2.

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