MiddleEarth: Shadows Game, Is Shebob too Sexy?

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There’s a new Middle Earth game coming out!  Shadows of War; the sequel to the wildly successful Shadows of Mordor comes out probably later this year, possibly next month.  The first game was praised for it’s inventive use of Tolkien’s world, but have the changes in this new game gone too far?

The protagonist of the first game is back from the shadows and this time Bladevern Swordmastar is here for war!  While players can expect the same hack and slash action married to the memorable nemesis system from the first game, there’s plenty of new things to be excited for.  Players can collect and tame hobbits that can be used in a mini-game similar to a simplified Pokemon.  Additionally there are 3 new swords to find, including the sharp black sword!

Not all changes are ones fans are excited about.  Tolkien’s fan favorite Shebob the giant spider that tried to eat Bilbo’s nephews Frodo and Sam and also Bilbo but at a different time. Is back.  But fans are conflicted over Shebob’s new sexy look.

Watch out Charlotte, there's a new wordy spider in this..cave.
Is this spider too sexy?

Some are arguing that Shebob’s new look is too sexy to be in a game about collecting hobbits and swords while making friends with what looks like mostly ghosts according to the trailer.  Others say these people are wrong and that spiders are innately sexy we are just now noticing it thanks to Shadow-game.  Either way it’s clear that the spiderlady is too sexy or sexy enough.

sexy shebob1
This spider is too hot for videogame.

The argument against sexy spider is that Tolkien, who was himself a monk, did not intend the spider-lady to be sexy, because he would have thought that that was wrong and bad.  Others note that despite Jerry Tolkien definitely being a monk the spider was written totes sexy.  There’s a four page description about how the spider made it’s own silk lingerie with its hot butt webs and loads about how long all its shapely spider-legs are.  Additionally there’s a 12 page song Shebob uses to seduce the hobbits in book 7; it’s a scene not in the movies, so only those who read the original material will remember it.  Either way it seems pretty certain that when this shadow game comes out we’re in for a load of controversy surrounding that sultry spider.

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