Michael Douglas Introduces His New Film With A Special Look Back


Hi, I’m Michael Douglas and I’m here to announce my new film; “Bad Business”. In this movie I’ll be playing an evil businessman who might actually be getting tricked.
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PSVR’s Virtua Fighter Demo goes Terribly Wrong


Sony held a press conference behind closed doors early this morning to demonstrate the upcoming PSVR game: Virtua Fighter VR. On the stage a demonstrator wore the PSVR headset and as the house lights went down the audience anticipated viewing a live stream of the game. What happened instead has yet to be fully explained by Playstation representatives or the scientific community at large. Continue reading “PSVR’s Virtua Fighter Demo goes Terribly Wrong”

7 VR Terms Parents Need to Know

With the rising popularity of VR headsets kids today are entering a “Virtual world” known only to their eyes. How can parents keep them safe from the dangers of VR? The first step is to learn the lingo. Here are 7 VR terms every parent needs to know.

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