Why the Xbox One X will only play classic Xbox games

Actual scale of Xbox One X compared to an average Xbox live user.

The upcoming Xbox One X is touted to be the most powerful console ever built, so why will it only play classic Xbox games?  We spoke to two top Xboxers to get the scoop on what’s behind Microsoft’s strategy and what we can eXpect from the Xbox One X. Continue reading “Why the Xbox One X will only play classic Xbox games”

Everything We Know About Star Wars Battlefront 2


The long awaited sequel to the original Star Wars Battlefront is just around the corner with a host of changes that are sure to intrigue newcomers to the series but risk alienating existing fans. Continue reading “Everything We Know About Star Wars Battlefront 2”

Game Cover Thursday


Need replacement covers for your used video games? Did the dog eat your box art?  Need something to make your game box stand out from the crowd? Seriously Informed has got you covered.  Today’s game cover replacement is for the Ps2 Classic: Champions of Norrath.

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7 VR Terms Parents Need to Know

With the rising popularity of VR headsets kids today are entering a “Virtual world” known only to their eyes. How can parents keep them safe from the dangers of VR? The first step is to learn the lingo. Here are 7 VR terms every parent needs to know.

VIRTUAL REALITY.png Continue reading “7 VR Terms Parents Need to Know”

Phone Apps are Becoming Television

In a confused and desperate attempt to draw millennials back to network TV, executives have begun launching new programs based on your favorite phone Apps!  You might say it’s App-le TV!


Jimmy it’s your Grandma! I just watched the Candy Crush! He’s so handsome, I love you no matter what Jimmy!  Jimmy! Candy Crush! I’m calling you on Uphone! Continue reading “Phone Apps are Becoming Television”